Here Ramili® presents several options for medical sheepskin footmuffs. All models are suits children from the first days of their life and up to 9 months. For older kids they can be easily transformed to liner, with special slots for seat belts. Those footmuffs are firmly fixed in the stroller. On later stage you can easily transform those footmuffs into the rugs.

The main material for the manufacture is a classic white sheep’s wool. As is well known, sheepskin is most functional textile fibres known to man and has direct impact on the child in regular contact. In particular, high-quality sheepskin has a positive effect on blood circulation. An important factor that Ramili® using materials from ecological areas – the northern part of the Tien Shan mountains.
Those footmuffs safely protect your baby from the cold and wind also absorbs and wicks moisture keeping skin dry.
Ramili® is creating most convenient models – to be sure that the child is comfortable. All products used a high-quality breathable fabric. All zip “lightning” have triple protection.

In our catalog you can find the most convenient model which suits you. If you plan to take long walks with the baby in the autumn-winter period, consider foormuff with deep adjustable hoods. If winter in your area is not so cold, then have a look at footmuff that can be easily turn into warm blanket or rug.
Our collection of Ramili® footmuffs has classic colours – white, grey, metallic , red, and some models have a black fabric.

All our sheepskin products made with love, passion, care and most important that we think about baby’s health and safety in mind. We hope that you will love our products.

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