Ramili® Electric Dual Phase Breast Pump SE350

It is known that that breastmilk is the best natural food for your baby. With our cooperation with the breastfeeding experts and research with the breastfeeding mothers who are dedicated to give the best to their babies, just like you, Ramili® fulfils the breastfeeding mothers’ needs where the circumstances do not make breastfeeding possible. Expressing made easy.  
Ramili® Electric Breast Pump - advanced features
  • “3D Pumping” soft silicone breast shield, natural breastfeeding feeling.
  • Closed System with Anti-backflow.
  • 2 Phase Expression- Stimulation Phase & Expression Phase. 9 Steps Suction Control.
  • Easy to use and ease of assembly, simple button operation and clear LCD screen.
  • Compact and light weight for maximum portability.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Powered by NC Adapter or Battery (4X AA batteries).
Intended use
Ramili Electric Breast Pump Is used to express milk from the breasts of lactating women. The Breast Pump may be used to relieve engorgement, a painful condition whereby the breasts are overfull. A Breast Pump may also be used if baby is not latched on properly and mother still desires the benefits of breast milk.

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