Ramili® Ultrasonic Air Humidifier AH770

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Ramili® Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

Every caring parent knows that the humidity of the air in their child’s bedroom is very important for the child. Doctors recommend that air humidity should be kept between 50-70%. It is well known that the air in flats and houses is dry, and usually does not meet the recommended humidity level. When the heating is on, humidity levels can fall as low as ten percent. The Ramili Baby AH770 ultrasonic air humidifier, produced by a famous English manufacturer of children’s products, has been specially designed for your child’s room. The unit makes use of rapid water dispersion technology, which eliminates the need for boiling water. A so-called “cold-mist” forms around the humidifier in a matter of seconds. Thanks to this feature, the humidifier is extremely compact and operates quietly, while providing rapid and adequate humidity for a child’s room of up to 30 square metres in size.

Features of the Ramili Baby AH770 ultrasonic air humidifier

  • Ultrasonic humidifier that doesn’t use boiling water.
  • Creates a “cold mist” in seconds.
  • Designed to humidify closed rooms of up to 30 square metres.
  • Features a one litre container for water.
  • Does not need filters.
  • Compact size.
  • Comes with a night light, which creates a magical cloud in the room that children will love.
  • Night light can be turned on either automatically or manually.
  • Ability to set operating time: 1, 2 or 4 hours.
  • Ability to work at 30 second intervals, which increases the duration of the humidity by up to eight hours.
  • Automatically turns itself off when the water runs out.
  • Visual notification of water consumption.
  • Low energy consumption (up to 80% less energy consumption when compared with humidifiers which use boiling water).
  • Attractive design, which can suit any child’s room.
  • High quality product.
Ramili Baby AH770 cleans the air in the child’s room When air is humidified, dust particles in the air become heavier, which prevents them from spreading around the room as much as they would in dry air. The Ramili Baby AH770 ultrasonic air humidifier provides not only rapid humidification, but also air purification, by helping to prevent the spread of dust and harmful micro-particles.  The Ramili Baby AH770 helps to promote a healthy microclimate in your child’s room.
Ramili Baby AH770 usage recommendations
  • Use a hygrometer to measure the air humidity in the room (for example, the Ramili Baby hygrometer or any other hygrometer), placing it nearby the child’s bed.
  • Place the air humidifier at least 1.5 metres away from the bed, out of reach from any children.
  • The Ramili Baby air humidifier doesn’t just operate until it runs out of water, but can also operate for a number of set time durations, or alternatively at 30 second intervals. After establishing how much time it takes to humidify your child’s room, you can simply turn on the humidifier for one of the pre-set times.
  • Close the doors in the room, when the air humidifier is switched on. This will help to humidify the air quickly.

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