Ramili® Baby milk and food warmer with accessory sterilizer BFW200

  • Milk Warmer 40oC.
  • Food Warmer 70oC.
  • Accessory Sterilizer 100oC.
  • Keeps constant temperature up to 24h.
  • Auto power shut-off.
  • Indicator light shows the current temperature setting.

Baby bottle warmer
  • Universal baby food warmer fits all kinds of baby bottles and ready-to-eat food jars.
  • Provides constant baby food temperature (about 40oC).
Baby food warmer
  • Set includes special container with a lid for food heating.
  • Provides constant temperature (about 70oC).
  • Sterilizes accessories such as bottle teats etc.
  • Auto power shut-off.

  • Baby food warmer
  • Baby food container
  • Lid
  • User manual

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