Ramili® Baby Video Monitor RV1000

Stable connection with range of up to 300 meters*. The video baby monitor stands out with its high-quality build and secure, reliable connectivity. The parent and child units have a range of up to 300 meters.
Dual connection modes: direct link between parent and baby units with DSSS technology and Wi-Fi for remote Internet access.
Touchscreen display 4.3’’ (11 cm). Features a 4.3’’ (10.9 cm) colour touchscreen display.

Access from anywhere in the world.

The video baby monitor can be watched from anywhere in the world on a smartphone or tablet once connected to home Wi-Fi. The baby monitor can be used like normal when watched through the application.

Watch and manage using the app for iOS and Android. The easy-to-use app allows you to rotate the camera, talk and listen, record video and capture photos of those unforgettable moments.
Connecting from multiple devices. Connect to the digital baby monitor from multiple mobile devices simultaneously, and watch multiple baby monitors from a single application.

HD 720p camera

An HD (720p) camera provides crisp video.
Remote tilt and pan. Remote tilt and pan from the parent unit or via the mobile application.
Ease of use and ergonomic design. Ergonomic design, carefully selected materials and top quality ensure ease of use when monitoring the baby.
Many additional features. Apart from being a superb video baby monitor, the Ramili Baby RV1000 also comes with additional important features.
VOX function. The voice activation (VOX) function saves battery power by only activating the display when a sound or crying is detected and turns off the screen whilst the baby is sleeping. The sound sensitivity can be adjusted from the menu. This feature can also be disabled to allow the video feed from the baby’s room to be watched continuously.
Monitoring 24/7. Constant monitoring so your baby is never left without supervision.
Sound level alert. Parents receive a notification as soon as a sound is detected, also assisted by the light indicators on the parent unit.
Push notifications on your device. Push-notifications are sent to the device when sounds are detected or the temperature changes.
Night Vision.  Automatic night vision turns on in low light surroundings. Infrared vision provides visibility even in complete darkness.
Two-way communication. Should the baby start to cry, parents can use the two-way talk feature to calm the baby from another room. This is easy to do either using the special button on the monitor panel or by using the app for smartphones and tablets.
Lullabies. The Ramili Baby RV1000 can play a selection of preset lullabies.
Thermometer. The integrated thermometer continuously measures and displays live temperature readings, both on the screen and in the mobile app. If the room temperature goes out of the specified range, the baby monitor will send a notification.
Low battery and out of range alerts. Audio and visual alerts for low battery and poor signal. Where there are multiple obstacles between the parent and child units, the external antenna helps to provide a strong signal.
Up to 4 hours display mode. Up to 10 hours voice activation (VOX) mode. The parent unit has a high-capacity battery built-in, allowing it to work for up to 4 hours with the display switched on, and up to 10 hours in voice activation (VOX) mode.
Power bank cable for camera. A cable is included to connect the camera to an external power bank. Using the video monitor on trips away or where there’s no power is easy: simply charge the screen up and connect the camera to an external battery (requirements: DC 5V 2.0A, not included).
Top quality, reliability and safety. The Ramili Baby RV1000 is a reliable baby monitor with two connection modes: direct connection between the camera and monitor and Wi-Fi.
Ramili Baby RV1000 digital baby monitor Wi-Fi. The Ramili Baby RV1000: the perfect solution for modern parents!

* without obstruction

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