Ramili® Baby Video Monitor RV1200

This baby video monitor is made by an English producer of children’s products and has support for the Ramili Sensor Pad in order to monitor breathing. The baby monitor has all the features necessary to supervise children remotely. The monitor itself features a 6.1 cm (2.4 inch) display. The optimal screen size considerably extends the battery life of the video baby monitor, reducing the need to frequently charge it. The baby monitor has a reception range of 300 metres. By using the very latest digital transmission technology, the baby monitor units have a strong and high quality connection. Thanks to this feature, supervising children remotely is much safer and much more reliable. The Ramili Baby RV1200 is particularly convenient to use in large houses or when going for a walk. The light and compact camera, which features a unique fastening mechanism, can be attached to pram hoods, the sides of playpens, or to cots. The camera has a built-in battery, thanks to which the baby monitor works exceptionally well outside, on the balcony or in places where there is limited access to a power supply.

Ramili Baby RV1200 video monitor features

  • 300 metre reception range.
  • 1 cm (2.4 inch) display.
  • Automatic night vision.
  • Nightlight with stars on the child unit.
  • Reliable and secure digital connection.
  • High-quality image and sound with interference reduction.
  • Internal battery in both the parent and child units.
  • Battery level indicator for both units is shown on the screen.
  • Low battery notification.
  • Adaptive energy saving setting (transmission power adjusts automatically depending on the distance between the units).
  • Notification when going out of transmission range.
  • Unique fastening construction allows the camera to be conveniently attached to the side of cots, playpens and pram hoods.
  • Two-way connection.
  • Thermometer on the child's unit to measure the air temperature in the child’s bedroom. The reading is displayed on the display of the parent’s unit.
  • Notification for when the temperature rises or falls outside of the set range.
  • Indicator to show how loudly your child is crying (useful for when the volume is muted).
  • Up to four cameras can be connected.
  • Baby monitor can automatically activate when your baby starts crying (VOX).
  • Non-stop monitoring.
  • Digital zoom function to enlarge image.
  • Superior design.
  • Light and compact video baby monitor.
  • The baby video monitor has conveniently-placed buttons with a touch-controlled backlight, providing easy access to functions on the front panel of the parent unit.
  • The parent block comes with a convenient stand for vertical placement.
  • Works with the Ramili Baby Movement Sensor Pad SP200 and SP100 to provide breathing monitoring.
This baby video monitor is made by Ramili Baby, a well-known English producer of high-quality children’s products which use the very latest technology. The Ramili Baby video monitor is a reliable and secure baby monitor which comes with a guarantee from the producer and stands out with its superior design, which can perfectly suit the interior of any child’s room.

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